About Us

Michigan Plank Flooring ® has one mission: to make the best wood floors available.  You can purchase wood floor just about anywhere.  The difference with our wood floor is, we can custom make your flooring to your exact specifications.  Whether you want finished or unfinished, solid plank, random width or even engineered flooring, we can deliver exactly what you’re looking for.  In addition, we are happy to work with designers and architects.

What makes us special?

At Michigan Plank Flooring ®, we offer specialty products you rarely see from other manufacturers.  We use our industry contacts and other resources to find unique products such as Windblown Maple, Reclaimed Oak, and Thermo Ash.  We add new products regularly.  You can check out our specialty collections here: https://michiganplankflooring.com/product-category/specialty-collection/.

Our Commitment to Quality

At Michigan Plank Flooring ®, we’ve built our entire culture on our commitment to making high-quality products.  This isn’t just a mission statement.  Our commitment is clear in all of our manufacturing procedures, which far exceed industry standards.  We feel that our efficient harvesting techniques are responsible, both environmentally and economically.  We’ve found that it’s also good for our bottom line.  Our many satisfied customers can testify that we make our products to last a lifetime.

About the Owner

Edmond J Malaski founded Michigan Plank Flooring ® in 2017, after working for 24 years in the industry.  He studied with old-school craftsmen, where he developed an old school work ethic and deep knowledge of construction.  Mr. Malaski is fulfilling his lifelong dream of delivering the best product possible.  He works by a simple motto: “People work hard for their money and should get what they pay for”.

Both consumers and installers appreciate our quality products that are engineered to look great and installed easily.

Finally, we support American manufacturing and lumber workers.  Every piece of Michigan Plank Floor you purchase helps to secure jobs and strengthen the quality of American manufacturing.  Call us today, and will help you find the hardwood floor you’ve been dreaming of.