Hardwood plank flooring is wider than normal flooring.  It can be installed in any home; if you like the way it looks, go for it.  No matter what floor you choose, your installer should follow the guidelines given by the National Wood Flooring Association.

Most hardwood floors are safe for homes with pets.  However, your pet’s claws may scratch the finish, and this damage is typically not warranted by the manufacturers. You should keep your pet’s claws trimmed and clean up any messes immediately.

Many experts recommend that you do not use hardwood flooring in the kitchen.  Kitchens can be prone to spills that can permanently stain or damage a hardwood floor finish.  If you use hardwood floor in your kitchen, be sure to clean up messes immediately to reduce the risk of damage.

The answer to this question depends on your situation.  If your existing floor is fully adhered to the subfloor and tightly compressed so there is no bounce, you may lay your word floor directly over the existing floor.  Your results may vary.  Make sure you check the warranty to make sure it covers you and follow the manufacturer’s recommended installation procedures.

Any flooring over 3 inches wide is considered Plank Flooring.  Plank flooring is available in all the same styles and colors as any hardwood floor.

Engineered plank flooring has a thin layer of finished hardwood over a multilayered base of wood and resin.  This makes engineered plank flooring much more resistant to moisture and temperature changes.  Quality engineered plank flooring combines the look of natural hardwood with the durability and longevity of a laminate floor. We sell a premium, engineered floor, which is very similar to solid flooring. And refinishing is as good or near to as solid flooring. In addition, our engineered flooring has a 4.5 millimeter face and is sandable and stable.

For an indoor space with stable temperature and humidity levels, either solid hardwood flooring for engineered plank flooring will work.  If you are planning to the refinish the floor, consider solid flooring.  Keep in mind that the installation cost for solid hardwood flooring may be higher.

If you are installing wood floor in the kitchen or bathroom or have other considerations such as radiant heat, or a below-grade installation, engineered plank flooring is probably the best choice for you.

Whether you choose our solid hardwood floor or engineered plank flooring, we mill your flooring from the best lumber available.  In addition, unlike most manufacturers, we offer boards and lengths exceeding 12 feet long.  No matter what kind of hardwood floor you are looking for, you’ll find it with us.

We select our hardwood flooring products from renewable, responsibly sourced lumber sources around the United States.  We use locally sourced lumber whenever possible.

We can deliver our hardwood flooring in almost any color, finish, length, and width you want.  We invite you to visit one of our showrooms and talk to a designer to find the option that fits your project, style, and budget.

Our best-selling product is our random width, long-board flooring.  We’ve tailored our manufacturing process to minimize waste and maximize quality.  Once it’s been milled and finished, we grade every piece so you know you’re getting just what you’re looking for.  When you choose Michigan Plank Flooring ®, you will end up with a beautiful, high-quality product that will look and perform well for many years to come.  You can see our selection for yourself here: https://michiganplankflooring.com/portfolio/.

When you’re shopping for hardwood floor, the decisions can be overwhelming.  We offer hardwood floor in a variety of hardwood species native to North America.  Darker colors work well in more formal settings, while lighter colors are more popular in contemporary settings.

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